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(Dawn AU: “I mean, no offence, but you’re like the worst vampire ever.”)

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X-Factor Forever by Dan Panosian .

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James Zark - Never Mind The Mutants

  • Debbie Harry as Jean Grey
  • Henry Rollins as Colossus
  • Iggy Pop as Angel
  • Johnny Rotten as Ice Man
  • Glenn Danzig as Wolverine
  • Ian Curtis as Cyclops

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Are you ready, boots?


Are you ready, boots?

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I’m not putting this into words well, but Angel’s portrayal in the movie bothered me because they didn’t do much to restrain the unfortunate implications of making the only WOC on the team a stripper who betrays her friends to hang out with a Nazi because…he has a boat? And Paco Rabanne from the future, can’t forget that.

I wish the club had been a little more chintzy-looking, but not really bad or anything. I don’t want it to look like she’s being rescued, but that she’s kind of an under-the-radar free spirit who’s more exciting than the human worlds she drifts through. Plus, a club that ritzy, even if they were integrated, probably wouldn’t hire a girl with gigantic bug tattoos. I think we shouldn’t be able to forget that. She presumably appeared to be a little kid with giant tattoos in the late 40s, and that has to affect your life!

Anyway, I’d like the club in rusty oranges and reds, with Angel first appearing in a refreshing teal. I thought it was important to only have mutants in cool blues and greens. And I think the color makes her more engaging? She was always in black in the movie, and they said that was a hint at her moral alignment. I know everybody can’t be sunshine and sweetness, but that just made me :|

In her off-time, I wanted her to be a little more laid-back and bohemian. Her leather jacket is a little long, borrowed from a skinny guy. This is what she wears at the CIA base, so I wanted her to look conflicted and put her in shades of grey.

The outfit she wears on the sub with Shaw (bottom Left) is inspired by some of Edie Sedgwick’s early modelling photos.

Her battle outfit is over all, pretty similar to the one in the film, but with a more period shape. It also had kind of BDSM tones because it’s the Hellfire Club.

I reintroduced that dragonfly teal in the outfit she would wear when the Brotherhood rescues Emma, because I like the idea of the Brotherhood members having more individuality. And they might be supervillains, but they’re, you know, fun supervillains.

I based her beauty look primarily on Jennifer Jackson, the first black Playboy pinup. That’s kind of unfortunate-implications-y itself, but I was looking around for information on integrated clubs and her picture popped up. She had the type of soft makeup and hair that I was looking for. The women in this movie definitely needed bigger hair.

The women in this movie definitely needed bigger hair.

COSIGNED. And these are so great WOW. I want to wear the top right one.

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